About Us

Aqua Design is all about you. We are committed to provide you with the most professional design and consulting service that you deserve.

Patience, innovation and creative are key elements for Aqua Design, our experienced team listen to your needs and create the most suitable solution for you, we are meticulously attention to details.

Therefore, you will find yourself working with us in the most comfortable and friendly environment.

Our Services

We provides all-rounded professional design services across residential and commercial ( include office, retail, restaurants, etc ).
Our full service include :


This involve a number of preliminary works including conduct
on-site design survey, layout planning and establish design brief .


This include listening your needs and solving your design problem. It's the underlying logic, thinking, and reasoning for a creative solution based on the preliminary works .


We present our solution in photorealistic images, so you can experience the design space with realism .


We understand cost control and we refine your cost so that you can understand what you are spending on and make adjustment if needed .